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Globalization, International business enterprises




As organizations have strived to create global footprints and search for economies of scale, there has been a great deal of literature devoted to global expansion. This study is intended to fill a gap in the existing literature relating to the impact that financial expatriate management has had on multi-national expansion and how the quality of earnings being reported have been used as drivers for global expansion. By using the shared experiences of corporate financial executives, responsible for global financial reporting functions, the study of organizational reporting practices will serve to shed light on the procurement of quality information used in support of global strategic initiatives. The conclusions, recommendations, and implications reached are generalizable and appropriate for use in developing best practice staffing solutions.


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Mohs, J. N. (2016). Exploring the Use of Expatriate Management to Improve the Quality of Earnings Being Reported by MNC’s. Journal of Human Resources and Adult Learning, 12 (June 2016), 86 - 97.

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