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Subject: LCSH

Long Island Sound (N.Y. and Conn.); Sediments (Geology)


Biology | Ecology and Evolutionary Biology | Marine Biology


The purpose of this study was to determine the grain-size distributions and associated statistical parameters of the surficial sediment samples from central Long Island Sound off Milford, Connecticut. These grain-size data, which help to ground-truth a pre-existent sidescan sonar survey (Poppe and others, 1995a; Twichell and others, in press), will eventually be used to describe the sedimentary processes active in this portion of central Long Island Sound. Other potential uses for these textural data include benthic biologic studies that evaluate faunal distributions and relate them to habitats (Zajac and others, 1995), and geochemical studies involving the distribution, transport and deposition of pollutants (Moffett and others, 1994).

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Poppe LJ, Taylor B, Zajac R, Lewis R, Blackwood D, et al. (1996) The texture of surficial sediments in central Long Island Sound off Milford, Connecticut. U.S. Geological Survey. Denver, Colo. : U.S. Geological Survey. ISSN 2331-1258.