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Long Island Sound (N.Y. and Conn.), Sediments (Geology)


Biology | Ecology and Evolutionary Biology | Marine Biology


Grain-size analyses were performed on 69 samples from western Long Island Sound. The relative grain-size frequency distributions and related statistics are reported herein. Descriptions of the benthic character from video tapes and still camera photographs of the bottom at these stations, and 33 others, are also presented. The southern and eastern parts of the study area are dominated by poorly sorted clayey silts that have nearly symmetrical distributions. Gravelly sediments are prevalent in the shallow northwestern part of the study area, but are also present in central part of the study area. Bands of sand, silty sand, and sand-silt-clay occur on the flanks of the gravelly areas.

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Poppe LJ, Taylor B, Zajac R, Lewis R, Blackwood D, et al. (1996). The texture of surficial sediments in western Long Island Sound off the Norwalk Islands, Connecticut. Denver, Colo. : U.S. Geological Survey.