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Long Island Sound (N.Y. and Conn.), Sediments (Geology)


Biology | Ecology and Evolutionary Biology | Marine Biology


The data presented on this map were collected as part of a State of Connecticut and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) cooperative program intended to further understand the marine geology of Connecticut and Long Island Sound. The purpose of this cooperative program is (1) to resolve sedimentologic and oceanographic problems and data gaps in Long Island Sound, (2) to integrate these findings with terrestrial data and the Pleistocene histories of Long Island and Connecticut, and (3) to initiate investigations of offshore resources that are keyed to the better management of Long Island Sound. With this in mind, the fundamental objectives of this study were to determine the distribution of surficial sediments in Fishers Island Sound and to describe the active sedimentary processes.

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Poppe, L.J., Lewis, R., Quarrier, S., Zajac, R., Moffet, A. (1994). Map showing the distribution of surficial sediments in Fishers Island Sound, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. U.S. Geological Survey, Miscellaneous Investigations Series Map I-2456.



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