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Long Island Sound (N.Y. and Conn.), Food webs (ecology), Food chains (ecology)


Biology | Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Understanding food web structure and dynamics of ecological systems is a key element in the development of more effective environmental assessment and management procedures. Although various components of the Long Island Sound (LIS) ecosystem have been studied in some detail, a framework for food web based research has been lacking. The objectives of this study were to: a) collect and review all pertinent data available in the scientific literature and technical reports on food web components and interactions in different sections of Long Island Sound; b) based on this review, refine initial conceptual food web models and extract pertinent data as available for input into the trophic modeling system Ecopath; c) using the Ecopath models constructed, identify apparent critical food web components and functional groups (particularly those influenced by human activities and management decisions) in LIS, their potential influence on ecosystem dynamics, important linkages along the food web, and the nature of the food web dynamics; and d) make an overall assessment of the gaps in our knowledge and recommendations as to how the work can be built on, and how information from food web analyses such as these and the models themselves, can be used to support management efforts focused on the vital resources of Long Island Sound.


U.S. Government document.

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Zajac, R.N., Seals. K., Simpson, D. 2008. Food Webs in Long Island Sound: Review, Synthesis and Potential Applications. Final Report - EPA Grant No. LI-97101401, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Long Island Sound Study.



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