Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in the Field of Biotechnology

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Business Administration, Management, and Operations


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Breakthroughs in biotechnology are redefining the very concept of life, transforming society and presenting unprecedented opportunities and challenges: will human genome sequencing help to treat genetic diseases and indefinitely prolong life? Can nature's workshops inspire superior biomaterials that transform industries? Will genetically modified super crops feed a hungry world? With biotechnology set to be the driving force of the twenty-first century, mastery of the life sciences will be the key to wealth generation and economic ascendancy. Can the Arab world regain its past supremacy in these fields? Can it benefit from the biotech revolution while avoiding its perils? These essays examine the complex ethical, legal and social issues raised by the biotech revolution that need to be resolved by governments and decision makers.


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McGee, G.: Ethical, legal and social issues in the field of biotechnology. In Abraham, M., and the ECSSR Biotechnology Team, eds. Biotechnology and the future of society: challenges and opportunities. Abu Dhabi: Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research Press, 2004.