Philosophical Issues in the Law Concerning Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

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Euthanasia, Assisted suicide


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Book description: From articles centering on the detailed and doctrinal exposition of the law to those which reside almost wholly within the realm of philosophical ethics, this volume affords comprehensive treatment to both sides of the philosophico-legal equation. Systematic and sustained coverage of the many dimensions of legal thought gives ample expression to the true breadth and depth of the philosophy of law, with coverage of:

The modes of knowing and the kinds of normativity used in the law; Studies in international, constitutional, criminal, administrative, persons and property, contracts and tort law-including their historical origins and worldwide ramifications; Current legal cultures such as common law and civilian, European, and Aboriginal; Influential jurisprudents and their biographies; All influential schools and methods


Garland reference library of the humanities, vol. 1743.

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McGee G, Merz, J.: Philosophical issues in the law concerning euthanasia and assisted suicide. The Philosophy of Law: An Encyclopedia, New York: Garland Publishing, 1999, pp. 270-72.