Project-Based Introduction to Engineering -- Course Assessment

Samuel Bogan Daniels, University of New Haven
Michael Collura, University of New Haven
Bouzid Aliane, University of New Haven
Jean Nocito-Gobel, University of New Haven

Copyright © 2004, American Society for Engineering Education Paper presented at 2004 Annual Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.


The School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of New Haven has a newly developed project-based Introduction to Engineering course. This new course plays a central role in the new Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Foundation Spiral curriculum as the first semester course for all engineering freshmen. An assessment process was developed to determine the effectiveness of this project-based course, specifically with attention towards assessing attitudes, impact on retention, problem-solving and engineering foundation topics. This paper addresses the particular portion of the assessment process for the individual course projects and their contribution to the last two assessment categories.