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Alkynes, Copper catalysts


Chemical Engineering | Chemistry


The design of cheap, non-toxic, and earth-abundant transition metal catalysts for selective hydrogenation of alkynes remains a challenge in both industry and academia. Here, we report a new atomically dispersed copper (Cu) catalyst supported on a defective nanodiamondgraphene (ND@G), which exhibits excellent catalytic performance for the selective conversion of acetylene to ethylene, i.e., with high conversion (95%), high selectivity (98%), and good stability (for more than 60 h). The unique structural feature of the Cu atoms anchored over graphene through Cu-C bonds ensures the effective activation of acetylene and easy desorption of ethylene, which is the key for the outstanding activity and selectivity of the catalyst.


Originally published in Nature Communications,



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Huang, F., Deng, Y., Chen, Y., Cai, X., Peng, M., Jia, Z., ... & Jiang, Z. (2019). Anchoring Cu 1 species over nanodiamond-graphene for semi-hydrogenation of acetylene. Nature Communications, 10(1), 1-7.

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