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Preparation of single atom catalysts (SACs) is of broad interest to materials scientists and chemists but remains a formidable challenge. Herein, we develop an efficient approach to synthesize SACs via a precursor-dilution strategy, in which metalloporphyrin (MTPP) with target metals are co-polymerized with diluents (tetraphenylporphyrin, TPP), followed by pyrolysis to N-doped porous carbon supported SACs (M1/N-C). Twenty-four different SACs, including noble metals and non-noble metals, are successfully prepared. In addition, the synthesis of a series of catalysts with different surface atom densities, bi-metallic sites, and metal aggregation states are achieved. This approach shows remarkable adjustability and generality, providing sufficient freedom to design catalysts at atomic-scale and explore the unique catalytic properties of SACs. As an example, we show that the prepared Pt1/N-C exhibits superior chemoselectivity and regioselectivity in hydrogenation. It only converts terminal alkynes to alkenes while keeping other reducible functional groups such as alkenyl, nitro group, and even internal alkyne intact.


This article was published in the journal Nature Communications.



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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

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He, X., He, Q., Deng, Y., Peng, M., Chen, H., Zhang, Y., ... & Ge, B. (2019). A versatile route to fabricate single atom catalysts with high chemoselectivity and regioselectivity in hydrogenation. Nature communications, 10(1), 1-9.

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