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Earthquake hazard analysis, Arch dams--Earthquake effects


Civil Engineering


Non-uniform ground motions are generated based on a single record available at a site and seismic wave scattering analysis. The Chino Hills 2008 earthquake records at the Pacoima Dam site are used to indicate the accuracy of the method. Dynamic analysis of the Pacoima dam-reservoir-foundation under uniform and non-uniform ground motions is carried out using the EACD-3D2008 software, and the results are compared to recorded responses at different locations on the dam. There is good agreement between computed and recorded displacements of the dam for non-uniform excitation. For uniform excitation, the displacements are underestimated in comparison with those obtained from recorded excitation. Significant intensification of stresses, especially near the foundation, and different patterns of stress distribution are observed for non-uniform excitation in comparison with uniform excitation. For uniform excitation maximum stresses occur in the crown cantilever near the crest, but for non-uniform excitation the maximum stresses occur along the sides and near the foundation.


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Tarinejad, R., Fatehi, R., and Harichandran, R. S. (2013). “Response of an arch dam to non-uniform excitation generated by a seismic wave scattering model.” Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 52, 40-54. doi:10.1016/j.soildyn.2013.04.011



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