Police Science: Key Readings

Police Science: Key Readings



Police Science: Key Readings provides students with a collection of carefully curated articles that present a broad overview of the academic study of the field. The readings equip students with the knowledge they need to become consumers of information on policing and prepare them to make informed decisions on police policy and operational efficiency.

The book is organized into four units, which address the overarching concepts of policing history, the criminology of policing, police and education, and public policy and policing. Individual topics addressed include the evolution of contemporary policing, crime prevention through environmental design, new perspectives on police education and training, factors affecting the supply of police recruits, the militarization of American police, and more. Each unit includes an introduction, pre-reading questions, and post-reading questions to support the student learning experience and inspire critical thought.

A highly timely and relevant resource, Police Science is an exemplary textbook for courses in law enforcement, policing, and criminal justice.



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Cognella Academic Publishing


San Diego


Police History, Criminology of Policing, Police and Education, Public Policy and Policing, Contemporary Policing

Subject: LCSH

Law enforcement, Police, Criminology, Police training, Public policy (Law), Problem-oriented policing


Criminology and Criminal Justice | Law Enforcement and Corrections


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DeCarlo, J. (Ed.). (2021). Police Science: Key Readings. Cognella Academic Publishing.

Police Science: Key Readings