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Juvenile corrections


Criminology and Criminal Justice


Contemporary concerns about youth violence and related legislative reforms have resulted in greater numbers of adolescent offenders being handled in the adult criminal justice system. Although some past research suggests that juveniles transferred to adult court often receive somewhat lenient treatment, more recent studies focusing on violent youthful offenders have found the adult system to be more punitive in nature. This study examined this issue for 557 violent youths fromPennsylvania, of which 138 were judicially waived to adult court. Statistical analyses revealed that, in terms of punishment certainty, severity, and swiftness, juveniles transferred to adult court were treated more harshly than were those retained in juvenile court, while juvenile court processing occurred much more quickly. Corresponding policy implications are discussed.


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Myers, D. L. (2003). Adult Crime, Adult Time Punishing Violent Youth in the Adult Criminal Justice System. Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice, 1(2), 173-197.