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Victims of crimes, Blaming the victim


Criminology and Criminal Justice


While restorative justice has been the topic of much research, a specific type of program included in restorative justice, Impact of Crime on Victims programs, has not been widely studied or assessed for effectiveness. This study examines Impact of Crime (IOC) on Victims Curriculum Development Programs. Offenders from programs in California, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia were participants in this research. A four state evaluation methodology was developed in order to assess the effectiveness of these programs in educating offenders about victims’ right and victim facts, as well as increasing their sensitivity to victims’ difficulties. The findings in this evaluation lend support to previous studies, indicating efficacy for IOC programs. Suggestions for future research are briefly discussed.


This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Criminal Justice Studies in June 2015, available online:

This report is cited in the article and attached below:

Gaboury, M.T., & Sedelmaier, C.M. (2007) Impact of Crime on Victims (IOC) Curriculum Development Project: Final Evaluation Report. Rockville, Md.: NCJRS.



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Sedelmaier, Christopher Michael, and Mario Thomas Gaboury. "Administering a victim impact curriculum to inmates: a multi-site replication." Criminal Justice Studies 28.2 (2015): 226-238.