Drug Trafficking

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Drug traffic


Criminology and Criminal Justice


Book description: "The Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice offers a state-of-the-art survey informed by the very latest theory and research. It spans 15 substantive areas, including criminal law, courts and adjudication, juvenile justice, history of criminology and criminal justice, law enforcement and policing, victimization, and theories of crime; and draws on developments in fields ranging from homeland security and forensic science, though to transnational crime. Written in an accessible style, it provides its readers with a unique organizational system to allow sophisticated searching and cross-referencing by keyword, topic or alphabetical order. Edited by the leading authority in this field, and peer reviewed by a team of 14 associate editors, the encyclopedia brings together a global team of contributers from 10 countries to offer a uniquely international perspective." -- Back cover.


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Markovic, V. Drug trafficking. In Albanese, J. S., ed. (2014). The encyclopedia of criminology and criminal justice. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley Blackwell. Volume 2. ISBN: 9780470670286