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Subject: LCSH

Community-based corrections, Prisoners--Deinstitutionalization, Training, Performance--Measurement


Criminology and Criminal Justice


From page 22: "In this article we describe key features of CRIs, their goals, and critical implementation indicators identified from the literature and experience that must be considered to ensure the short- and long-term success of high-quality multifaceted reentry initiatives. The factors will provide a roadmap to policy makers, program and initiative developers, and practitioners when they consider the time, resources, and engagement levels to successfully implement a new reentry initiative."


"Federal Probation" is a peer-reviewed journal produced by the U.S. Courts and may be found at this link. This article was originally published at

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Mellow, J., Barnes-Ceeney, K. (2017). "Key Factors to Promote Successful Comprehensive Reentry Initiatives." Federal Probation: A Journal of Correctional Philosophy and Practice, 81(3), 22-31. June 2018