The House of Last Resort: Incarcerating and Treating Juveniles in Adult Prisons

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Criminal justice, Administration of -- United States, Juvenile justice, Administration of -- United States


Criminology and Criminal Justice


Adult prisons show potential for housing and treating older, violent juvenile offenders. However, there are many challenges in meeting the goals of rehabilitation and public safety with these offenders. "It seems then that model approaches for dealing with this problem should be identified and evaluated before forming a conclusion on whether juveniles should be placed in adult prisons." (p. 325)

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Myers, D.L. (2003). [Yes:] The house of last resort: Incarcerating and treating juveniles in adult prisons. In Decker, S. H., Alarid, L. F., & Katz, C. M. Controversies in criminal justice: Contemporary readings. Los Angeles: Roxbury Pub. Co., 325-329.