A University Sexual Misconduct Policy: Prioritizing Student Victims' Voices

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Criminology and Criminal Justice


This article discusses the creation of a college campus sexual misconduct policy. Major emphasis is placed on the involvement and input of students at all levels of policy creation. In order to elicit student feedback, a survey was administered to 119 students. Survey results revealed that exposure to sexually aggressive experiences were related to the location of the incident and the perpetrator's group affiliation (for example, athletes). Findings also revealed a relationship between the use of intoxicants and experience with sexual aggression. In addition, findings revealed that respondents who had sexually aggressive experiences did not report their experience to on-campus resources. These findings resulted in specific policy changes and recommendations.


Full-text of this article is available to the University of New Haven Community.

Article originally published in "Crime Prevention and Community Safety", volume 13, issue 1, February 2011 and is available to purchase from SpringerLink.



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Tamborra, T., Narchet, F. A university sexual misconduct policy: Prioritizing student victims’ voices. Crime Prev Community Saf 13, 16–33 (2011). https://doi.org/10.1057/cpcs.2010.17