Dental & Medical Emergencies

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Dental Care, Emergency Treatment

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Dental hygiene, Dental emergencies, Medical emergencies


Dental Hygiene | Dentistry


Publisher book description, from website: “Bridge the gap between the theory and clinical patient care! This comprehensive text encompasses all of the theoretical and scientific knowledge that is the foundation of dental hygiene practice today integrated with the clinical procedures and techniques you need to succeed. You’ll master the critical-thinking and clinical decision-making skills that are essential to delivering the highest quality care to your patients and you’ll also explore the importance of professionalism, patient advocacy, and leadership.”


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Prajer, R. & Kacerik, M. (2016). Dental & Medical Emergencies. In Kearney, R.K. & Goldie, M.P. (eds.) Dental Hygiene: Applications to Clinical Practice. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Company, Chapter 51.