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Linear programming, Evolutionary computation, Genetic algorithms


Computer Engineering | Computer Sciences | Electrical and Computer Engineering


This paper presents a new metaheuristic optimization algorithm, the firefly algorithm (FA), and an enhanced version of it, called chaos mutation FA (CMFA), for solving power economic dispatch problems while considering various power constraints, such as valve-point effects, ramp rate limits, prohibited operating zones, and multiple generator fuel options. The algorithm is enhanced by adding a new mutation strategy using self-adaptation parameter selection while replacing the parameters with fixed values. The proposed algorithm is also enhanced by a self-adaptation mechanism that avoids challenges associated with tuning the algorithm parameters directed against characteristics of the optimization problem to be solved. The effectiveness of the CMFA method to solve economic dispatch problems with high nonlinearities is demonstrated using five classic test power systems. The solutions obtained are compared with the results of the original algorithm and several methods of optimization proposed in the previous literature. The high performance of the CMFA algorithm is demonstrated by its ability to achieve search solution quality and reliability, which reflected in minimum total cost, convergence speed, and consistency.


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Y. Yang, B. Wei, H. Liu, Y. Zhang, J. Zhao and E. Manla, "Chaos Firefly Algorithm With Self-Adaptation Mutation Mechanism for Solving Large-Scale Economic Dispatch With Valve-Point Effects and Multiple Fuel Options," in IEEE Access, vol. 6, pp. 45907-45922, 2018.

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