Got to Get Over the Hump: The Politics of Glam in the Work of Labelle and Parliament

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Glam rock music, Glam rock musicians


Dance | English Language and Literature | Music Performance


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"Taking It to the Bridge is on the one hand a series of in-depth studies of a broad range of performance artists and genres, and on the other a contribution to ongoing methodological developments within the study of music, with the goal of bridging the approaches of musicology and performance studies, to enable a close, interpretive listening that combines the best of each. At the same time, by juxtaposing musical genres that range from pop and soul to the classics, and from world music to games and web-mediated performances, Taking It to the Bridgeprovides an inventory of contrasted approaches to the study of performance and contributes to its developing centrality within music studies."

“Margaret Savilonis shows how two 1960s-era African-American bands, Labelle and Parliament, moved from the traditional, restricting dress and choreography of the 1950s toward the more liberating style of 1970s glam rock.” – from Editors’ Preface, ix.


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Savilonis, Margaret. “Got to Get Over the Hump: The Politics of Glam in the Work of Labelle and Parliament.” In Taking it to the Bridge: Music as Performance. Eds. Nicholas Cook and Richard Pettengill. University of Michigan Press, 2013. 155-179.