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Body Fluids/chemistry, DNA Fingerprinting/*methods, Human Trafficking/*prevention & control

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Human trafficking, DNA--Analysis


Forensic Science and Technology


A study was conducted to determine if modern forensic DNA typing methods can be properly employed throughout the world with a final goal of increasing arrests, prosecutions, and convictions of perpetrators of modern day trafficking in persons while concurrently reducing the burden of victim testimony in legal proceedings. Without interruption of investigations, collection of samples containing DNA was conducted in a variety of settings. Evidentiary samples were analyzed on the ANDE Rapid DNA system. Many of the collected swabs yielded informative short tandem repeat profiles with Rapid DNA technology.


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Palmbach, T., Blom, J., Hoynes, E., Primorac, D., Gaboury, M. (2014). “Utilizing DNA Analysis to Combat the World Wide Plague of Present Day Slavery – Trafficking in Persons.” Croatian Medical Journal, 2014, 55:3-9.