Technology, Landscape, Culture, and Music in Bochum and Bayou: 1880-1930

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Ruhr (Germany : Region), Mississippi River Delta (La.), Technology and the arts, Technology--History, Work songs, Working class--Songs and music




[In the late 1800s] “both the Ruhr [in Germany] and the lower Mississippi [in the U.S.] provided “trading zones” in which people with varied backgrounds met, and traded things, ideas, skills, and cosmologies to resolve social, political, and technological problems. In the years after 1865, new socio-technical and technopolitical systems provided new trading zones, in which people produced different responses in high culture and popular culture. This essay investigates responses in some zones. In developing new responses to new problems, workers and musicians created different responses in similar spaces.


Cottbuser Studien zur Geschichte von Technik, Arbeit und Umwelt, Bd. 31.

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"Technology, Landscape, Culture, and Music in Bochum and Bayou: 1880-1930," in Technik zwischen Artes und Arts; Technology between Artes and Arts: Festschrift für Hans-Joachim Braun. Pp. 103-115. Edited by Reinhold Bauer, James Williams, and Wolfhard Weber. Münster; New York: Waxmann, 2008. ISBN: 9783830920267