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Health Sciences


Laura M. Silva, M.S., CCC-SLP


Memory Loss, Dementia, Cognitive Abilities, Rehabilitative Services


Memory Disorders, Dementia, Rehabilitation


Memory disorders, Dementia, Rehabilitation


The overall purpose of this study is to examine the perspectives of clinicians on the extent of memory loss associated with dementia in geriatric patients. The number of individuals experiencing symptoms and memory loss associated with this condition represents a large portion of the population. Data was collected through six clinician interviews, specifically from speech-language pathologists and physical therapists who work in long term care facilities and specialize in rehabilitative services in order to gain their professional opinion regarding the impacts of memory loss and cognitive abilities in dementia patients. This qualitative study then compared data from the interviews to past research and data surrounding normal versus abnormal brain structure, an overall review of the cognitive impacts of dementia, and diagnostic methods used to support developing common treatment plans. This study used a correlational and descriptive approach to identify commonalities of perceptions amongst clinicians regarding the extent of memory loss on these individuals and the impact of treatment.