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Maurice (Mo) Cayer, Ph.D.


COVID-19 Pandemic, College Students, Teamwork Skills


College students--Social networks, COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020---Influence


The COVID-19 pandemic left a significant negative impact on the mental health of the world, most notably on traits that affect how people work well with others. Previous research into the effects of the pandemic have found how education has been impacted from the sides of both colleges and students to detract from upper education as a whole. Teamwork and group efforts also ran into unforeseen issues, heavily impacting college students both in the middle of and well past the effects of pandemic restrictions. This thesis uses and analyzes data from a survey disseminated to the University of New Haven Chargers Marching Band, who is classified as a large-scale team that saw significant changes due to the aforementioned pandemic restrictions. Said survey goes over the impacts to the mental health of marching band members, as well as their perception on how their teamwork was impacted by the restricted season. This data highlights how the aspects of goal-setting and social interaction were hit the hardest by pandemic restrictions in the marching band, and potentially for the future of all current college students as they move into the workplace.