Date of Submission


Document Type



Forensic Science


Alyssa Marsico, Ph.D.


Hair, Bleach, UV and Heat, Salt, Detox Shampoo, Drug Exposure


Pharmaceutical Preparations, Spectrum Analysis, Albuterol


Drugs, Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy--Forensic applications, Albuterol


The analysis of controlled substance metabolites within the hair strand have been relied on within the scientific community, particularly in regard to Forensic Science and Criminal Justice practices. A common conflict when analyzing a strand, however, involves manipulation of one’s hair, be it through bleach and dyes or detox shampoos. Therefore, research must be conducted to determine how these manipulation efforts affect the concentrations detectable when it comes to lab analyses. This would allow for clarification within data analysis and potentially prove purposeful intent to cover up the ingestion of a controlled substance. In order to research these manipulation effects on concentrations recovered, a method to mock the ingestion of a controlled substance must first be established. This research will attempt to conquer both aspects, first, by determining if liquid or gaseous exposure to a controlled substance can mock its ingestion within a hair strand. Second, by determining how factors such as UV light, a high salt concentration, bleach, detox shampoos, and heat exposure affect the concentrations of Albuterol detectable through Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). The findings will aid in future lab research.