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Zachary Goldberg


Stereo Recording Techniques, Stereo Microphone


Sound--Recording and reproducing--Digital techniques--Standards


Listening to music in stereo has become the societal norm and because of its popularity, it has become, “invisible by its own success” (Théberge 1). Contrary to its growth, the older and more commonly used stereo microphone techniques are still being used today and very few new and unique techniques have made a similar impact. To test if the commonly used techniques have room for improvement this project compares them to brand-new ones. In order to understand and utilize stereo microphone placements numerous fundamental ideas need to be considered to achieve a certain sound and level of quality. Every microphone technique variation is used for a certain reason based on how it changes the stereo image, phasing, localization, practicality, and creative manipulation abilities. The purpose of this project is to learn about the evolution and art form of stereo microphone techniques and then analyze the information to create new and unique stereo microphone techniques to compare against the common techniques indicating if they could be improved or not.

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