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Kimberly Craig, Ph.D.


Mindfulness, Stress, Anxiety, Cognition, Working Memory, Capstone


Mindfulness, Anxiety, Cognition, Memory, Short-Term


Mindfulness (Psychology), Stress (Psychology), Anxiety, Emotions and cognition, Short-term memory, Education, Higher, College students--Mental health


High demanding jobs can have negative impacts on psychological well-being and cognitive functioning. Capstone courses offer great benefits to students but can be an example of a high demanding job due to the rigorous workload in these courses. Mindfulness practices have been demonstrated in the literature to reduce the negative impacts of a high demanding job. The experiment conducted by the researchers used the mindfulness application, Mindfulness Coach, to attempt to reduce stress levels and improve working memory in University of New Haven students enrolled in a capstone course. It was hypothesized that the engagement with Mindfulness Coach would decrease participant’s stress and improve their working memory levels. Mindfulness interventions can have practical applications in participants to improve quality of life and improve academic performance. Significant results were not found meaning there was no effect on the variables. Limitations and future directions will be discussed to attempt to yield positive results to attempt to better college student’s experience.