Cradle‐to‐gate Life Cycle Analysis of Agricultural and Food Production in the US: A TRACI Impact Assessment

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Book Chapter

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Subject: LCSH

Environmental impact analysis, Business logistics, Climatic changes


Industrial Engineering | Mechanical Engineering


Sustainable agriculture systems need to be perceived as inevitable component of sustainable development initiatives across the globe. Therefore, a holistic understanding is critical towards assessing agricultural activities’ environmental impacts towards prioritizing sustainable development initiatives in the long run. This book chapter covers an integrated life cycle assessment framework that focuses on supply chain plus onsite (direct) agricultural activities’ midpoint impact characterization in the United States. Eight impact categories are considered as part of the proposed framework and the importance of supply chain-linked understanding is emphasized via the onsite vs. supply chain impact assessment.

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Park, Y.S., Egilmez, G. & Kucukvar, M. Bhat, R. (2017). Cradle-to-gate life cycle analysis of agricultural and food production in the US: A TRACI impact assessment. In Bhat, R., ed. Sustainability challenges in the agrofood sector. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.