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Industrial efficiency

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Industrial efficiency


Industrial Engineering | Mechanical Engineering


This research was undertaken to study the implementation and adoption of Lean management practices across several industrial sectors in Pakistan. A total of 100 companies were surveyed across five industries. The objective was to determine if there was disparity in the implementation of Lean practices and to provide a yardstick to measure that disparity. Furthermore, this study identified Lean management best practices across several industries in Pakistan, thus providing benchmarks for other industrial sectors. The data collected was analysed using various descriptive statistical methods. The results indicated robust adoption and implementation of Lean practices in Pakistani industry, though there were few areas which still require greater acceptance, and hence implementation rates in these areas are modest.


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MKS Bhutta, G Egilmez, KA Chatha, F Huq. Survey of Lean management practices in Pakistani industrial sectors. International Journal of Services and Operations Management 28 (3), 309-334.