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Blood Coagulation, Fibrinogen

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Polyzwitterions, Fibrinogen, Blood--Coagulation


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The effect of surface coatings on the performance of antifouling activity under flow can be influenced by the flow/coating interactions. This study evaluates the effect of surface coatings on antifouling activity under different flows for the analyses of coating stability. This was done by exposing DOPA-PCB-300/dopamine coated polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) to physiological shear stresses using a recirculation system which consisted of dual chamber acrylic flow cells, tygon tubing, flow probe and meter, and perfusion pumps. The effect of shear stress induced by phosphate buffered saline flow on coating stability was characterized with differences in fibrinogen adsorption between control (coated PDMS not loaded with shear stress) and coated samples loaded with various shear stresses. Fibrinogen adsorption data showed that relative adsorption on coated PDMS that were not exposed to shear (5.73% ± 1.97%) was significantly lower than uncoated PDMS (100%, p < 0.001). Furthermore, this fouling level, although lower, was not significantly different from coated PDMS membranes that were exposed to

1 dyn/cm2 (9.55% ± 0.09%, p = 0.23), 6 dyn/cm2 (15.92% ± 10.88%, p = 0.14), and 10 dyn/cm2 (21.62% ± 13.68%, p = 0.08). Our results show that

DOPA-PCB-300/dopamine coatings are stable, with minimal erosion, under shear stresses tested. The techniques from this fundamental study may be used to determine the limits of stability of coatings in long-term experiments.


This is the authors' submitted, preprint version of the article published in Langmuir by the American Chemical Society. The version of record can be found at This article is part of the Zwitterionic Interfaces: Concepts and Emerging Applications special issue.



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Belanger, A., Decarmine, A., Jiang, S., Cook, K., & Amoako, K. A. (2018). Evaluating the Effect of Shear Stress on Graft-To Zwitterionic Polycarboxybetaine Coating Stability Using a Flow Cell. Langmuir. doi:10.1021/acs.langmuir.8b03078