Cognition and Decision Making in Extreme Environments

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Book Chapter

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Subject: LCSH

Distress (Psychology), Decision making, Cognition, Extreme environments


from pp. 361-62:

“In this chapter, we discuss what is currently known about how the stress associated with extreme situations and environments may negatively impact the ability of humans experiencing such stress to think clearly and to make decisions…

"...We introduce the concept of operational demand-related cognitive decline (ODCRD), discuss the neurobiological and neurocognitive elements most likely to be impacted by significant operational stress, and address currently available and emerging performance enhancement techniques or methods designed to mitigate the harmful cognitive effects of acute stress."

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McNeil, J. A., & Morgan, C. A. (2010). Cognition and decision making in extreme environments. In C. H. Kennedy & J. L. Moore (Eds.). Military Neuropsychology (pp. 361-382). New York, NY: Springer.