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Dietetics, Computer Simulation

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Dietetics, Virtual reality


Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition


This paper investigates the role of virtual reality and web technologies in the field of dietetics education. Within this frame, special emphasis is given on the building of web-based virtual learning environments so as to successfully fulfill their educational objectives. In particular, basic pedagogical methods are studied, focusing mainly on the efficient preparation, approach and presentation of learning content, and specific designing rules are presented considering the hypermedia, virtual and educational nature of this kind of applications. The paper also aims to highlight the educational benefits arising from the use of virtual reality technology in dietetics and study the emerging area of web-based dietetic simulations. Virtual reality simulation allows the visualization of data in three dimensions and provides interactive functionalities that reinforce the feeling of immersion into a computer-generated virtual world. Finally, the innovative virtual reality environment for dietetics education pedagogy and development is demonstrated.


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Davis, A. (2015). Virtual reality simulation: an innovative teaching tool for dietetics experiential education. The Open Nutrition Journal. 2015, 9 (Suppl 1-M8), 65-75.