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Strategy, Military strategy


Defense and Security Studies | Political Science


(from book introduction, pp. 6-7) "Schmidt describes the differences between quantitative and qualitative approaches, research questions, and thought processes. Schmidt argues that quantitative methods are appropriate for tactical engagements and can inform strategic thinking, but a completely different thought process (i.e., qualitative) is necessary for success when asking questions with strategic implications. Schmidt also discusses how time delays can affect the perceived impact of qualitative modes of thinking."


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Schmidt, Matthew J. A Science of Context: The Qualitative Approach as Fundamental to Strategic Thought. In Wolters, Heather M, Grome, Anna P, & Hinds, Ryan M. (2013). Exploring Strategic Thinking: Insights to Assess, Develop, and Retain Strategic Thinkers. Fairborn, OH: Applied Research Associates Inc., pp. 220-230.