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The need for the development of a global human community has been outlined in recent literature. This study examined the willingness of individuals to endorse and act upon values embodied in a global community. A sample of U.S. adults was asked to indicate commitment to values embodied in the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms, through a formulated message. Participants were also asked of actions they can take to support these values, barriers to such action, and related questions. Results were looked at through different demographic and attitudinal factors. Over half of all participants, regardless of demographic group, were interested in making the commitment encapsulated in our message. There is a strong need to better understand and link actions to the development of a global human community. Better ways to connect people with others who can better support their actions are needed.


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Marcus, Eric C.; Deutsch, Morton; Liu, Yangyang (2017). A study of willingness to participate in the development of a global human community. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, Vol. 23(1), 89-92.

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