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County government--United States, Government purchasing, Green products


Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration


Scholars and practitioners have come to understand the important role of local governments in the causes and effects of climate change. The literature has examined both the substantive and symbolic determinants of urban sustainability policies in addition to the implementation issues associated with those policies. At the heart of these policies is the idea that local governments have the desire and ability to engage in socially and environmentally responsible practices to mitigate climate change. While important, these studies are missing a key component in the investigation of local government involvement in sustainability policies: government purchasing power. This study examines the effect of administrative professionalism and interest group presence on the determinants of green procurement in the understudied context of counties in the United States.


This is the authors' accepted version of the article published in Journal of Public Procurement, 16(3), pp. 259-285. The version of record can be found at


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Smith, C., Terman, J. N. (2016). Overcoming the Barriers to Green Procurement in the County: Interest Groups and Administrative Professionalism. Journal of Public Procurement, 16(3), 259-285.



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