Repelolicer: A Reality or Snake Oil

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Lice, Women--Pakistan--Social conditions


Business | Economics | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Marketing


While head lice continue to be a worldwide health issue, there remains a dearth of scholarship detailing how various organizations are developing different products to deal with this problem. In this case study, the authors ponder upon a novel entrepreneurial idea developed by the students to tackle the lice issue in Pakistan. A team of students developed Repelolicer, an ultrasonic wave-emitting hairband to stop lice infestation among younger-aged girls. The Repelolicer team developed various strategies to target the Pakistani market. However, due to inadequate knowledge of the external market, the entrepreneurial idea failed to succeed.


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Article is published in South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases, volume 10, issue 2.

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Hussain, U., & Yu, B. (2021). Repelolicer: A Reality or Snake Oil. South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases, 10(2), 167–179. https://doi.org/10.1177/22779779211014635.