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Physical education teachers, Industrial safety, Falls (Accidents), School violence, Violence in the workplace


Sports Management


The profession of physical education (PE) teacher involves a variety of risks. Most PE teachers or future teachers are aware of the risks associated with their students becoming injured. Sport law classes often discuss negligence, risk management, proper supervision, suitable equipment, appropriate instruction, proper matching of opponents, etc. The focus is primarily or exclusively on student safety. Rarely is the focus on the risks PE teachers face themselves. This article discusses the largely neglected topics of transportation, workplace violence, and slip/trip and falls, all of which are occupational hazards for PE teachers, potentially associated with serious injuries or death.


This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in the journal Strategies on May 13, 2015, available online:



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Finn, D. M., Ammon, R., Mahoney, K., Fried, G. B., Al Arkoubi, K. (2015). Killer Jobs: The dark side of being a physical education instructor. Strategies, 28(3).



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