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Sports personnel--Job satisfaction


Sports Management


The primary purpose of this study was to examine the work experience for paid, part-time event staff within public assembly facilities and posited the “employee sportsphere” as a more comprehensive approach to study the work experience of event staff. Specifically, this study explored event staff ratings of various aspects of the employee sportsphere, explored the relationship between the employee sportsphere and overall job satisfaction, and explored the relationship between overall job satisfaction and employees’ willingness to return to work. A census of paid, part-time event staff at a multipurpose public assembly facility (N = 406) generated a 70.2% response rate. Implications of the results of this study are discussed, and recommendations for future research are suggested.


Posted with express permission of the publisher of Journal of Facility Planning, Design and Management. The version of record can be found at

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Mahoney, K. L., & Pastore, D. L. (2014). The sportsphere: A comprehensive approach to examining the work environment in public assembly facilities. Journal of Facility Planning, Design, and Management, 2(2), 104-123.



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