Beyond the Issue of Safety

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Germ cells, Genetic engineering


Business Administration, Management, and Operations


Book description: "Engineering the Human Germline is a three-part examination of some of the most fascinating questions science has to offer, with contributions by the leading scientists and thinkers in the fields of gene therapy, human genetics, biotechnology, philosophy and ethics. Leroy Hood, Daniel Koshland, French Anderson, James Watson and Lee Silver among others outline what we really know about designing our offspring, both our abilities and the problems they present, discerning the line between fantasy and reality. A final section of short essays by lawyers, theologians, scientists and ethicists bring us a broader perspective on the core issues surrounding this debate: What would we do if this technology were safe and reliable? What are the concerns about its widespread use? How would such intervention be regulated? Would we be willing to genetically alter our own children given the possibility? Should we have this choice?"--Jacket.


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Glenn McGee, Sandy Thomas, Sheldon Krimsky, Kevin T. FitzGerald, Ruth Hubbard, Gregory E. Pence, and Stefan F. Winter. Beyond the issue of safety. In Stock, G., & Campbell, J. H. (2000). Engineering the human germline: An exploration of the science and ethics of altering the genes we pass to our children. New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780195133028