The Effects of Quality Initiatives on Staff Satisfaction at a State University

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Doctor of Science in Management Systems (Sc.D.)




Kamal Upadhyaya

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Dale Finn

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Charlie Boynton

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Southern Connecticut State University--Employees, Universities and colleges--Employees--Job satisfaction, Quality of work life

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AS 36 N290 Mgmt. Syst. 2007 no. 3


This research examines staff satisfaction at a state university using a quantitative perspective. The subjects of this study were all faculty and staff from a public institution that is part of state university system. The university has implemented many institutional directives towards improving the quality of campus life, both in the physical makeup of the campus and the policies and procedures that govern the institution, but no one had assessed the impact these initiatives had on their employees. This thesis explores the attitudes of employees at this institution, broken down by employment status, gender, length of service, faculty/staff position, and supervisory role to provide insights into the effectiveness of those quality initiatives. Through the development of a satisfaction model, the results of this analysis reveal significantly more negative opinions from full-time employees and faculty, but more positive opinions from employees that supervise others and those that are first-year employees and fifteen-or-more-year employees. No significant difference was found concerning gender, and no significant change in overall employee satisfaction was revealed across the four years of the study.