Crime Scene Investigation and Examination: Chain of Evidence

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Bar coding, Crime scene searches


Forensic Science and Technology


A key component to most investigations is the successful recognition, documentation, collection, and preservation of evidence from a crime scene. Many different forms of evidence will be encountered. There are general principles that apply to the proper collection, preservation, and handling of all evidence. Establishing a solid chain of evidence is one of those basic, essential standards. Failure to establish a scientifically sound and legally defensible chain of custody for an item of evidence will likely diminish the value of that evidence in judicial proceedings.


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Palmbach, T. Crime Scene Investigation and Examination: Chain of Evidence (2016). In Payne-James, J., & In Byard, R. W. (2016). Encyclopedia of forensic and legal medicine (Second Edition). Amsterdam: Elsevier, 679-685. ISBN: 978-0-12-800055-7