Date of Submission


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Degree Name

Doctor of Health Science


Health Sciences

First Advisor

Karl E. Minges, Ph.D.,

Second Advisor

Elisabeth FM Schlegel, MSc, PhD, MBA, MS

Third Advisor

John Burigo, MD, FACOG


Microcredentials, Physician executives, Health services administrators


For residents and fellows, a micro-credential healthcare business program must be designed to bridge the knowledge and skill gaps that medical school graduates encounter. A micro-credential should assist students in applying their clinical knowledge to the provision of healthcare while also thoroughly understanding the financial limitations of the industry. The study question is straightforward: Can a micro-credential be created that allows physicians to use their newly learned abilities to bridge the gap between medical obligations and administrative responsibilities and to take on new management tasks? Employing semi-structured key informant interviews as the qualitative research method, the researcher explored participants' opinions and attitudes about how physicians were prepared to enter the field of medicine and demonstrate their understanding of healthcare business. According to the research conducted, physicians who had completed medical school wished that business education in the healthcare industry had started in their third year of medical school and lasted until the end of their residency. Physicians who took part in the study sought to learn about the fundamentals of healthcare business knowledge and how to effectively use it in combination with their professions in healthcare to assure and sustain the formation of a physician-managed workforce. The ultimate objective is to become self-aware organizational leaders while actively taking part in business decisions related to healthcare (in addition to their core goal of providing high-quality medical treatment). Future research of the understanding of business fundamentals and why they are far divorced from medical school is necessary.

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