Eurodollars "An International Phenomenon in International Finance"

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)




Euro-dollar market, International finance

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AS 36 .N29 Bus. Adm. 1977 no.2


(From Introduction, pages 2-3) This present study is motivated due to the complexity of this [Eurocurrency] market and the many types of operations which take place and their ultimate consequences from a national and an international perspective. To begin our study, a few brief comments may be appropriate to the following analysis. First, we will define what actually constitutes a Eurodollar and secondly, offer an introductory description of the Eurodollar market. For example, the Eurodollar refers to the dollar deposits accepted and placed by banks and financial Institutions outside the United States. These deposits are used to finance Investments short, medium and long-term, or arbitrage transactions. Moreover, the dollar funds may be used as dollars or converted Into other currencies on a short-term basis. Thus, the Eurodollar market offers interest rates sufficiently attractive to many foreign holders of U.S. dollar funds or, for that matter, to U. S. holders of dollar funds.