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Master of Science in National Security


National Security


Jeffrey Treistman, Ph.D

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Robert A Sanders, LP.D

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Christopher Haynes, Ph.D


Globalization, Terrorism, Ideologies


Terrorism and globalization, Ideology


This thesis proposal will dive into the concept of terrorism and how it is an act of force and has proven to be detrimental to the modern world. In addition, this thesis will analyze the concept of terrorism as well as the rationale behind it. It is important to understand and study this as terrorism is a complex entity made up of different themes. The concentration of this thesis will highlight how globalization has affected the phenomena of terrorism in the past, present, and ultimately the future. Globalization and terrorism have a relationship that many scholars and researchers have noticed. Historical events as well as data patterns have proved this to be accurate as well. Terrorism is a phenomenon that has been around for centuries, taking different forms as it has evolved. Due to gradual change, terrorist groups organize their attacks based on ideologies primarily. It is at the forefront of problems not only the United States faces, but the world too. This concept has spread across the world causing fear and chaos to innocent civilians. This gradual change that has changed the dynamic of terrorism is globalization. Globalization has allowed for many exchanges between people around the world. These exchanges include people, goods, ideologies, religion, etc. Based on this claim, it can be inferred that globalization has provided a positive outcome to the world by bringing together countries and people. However, it is crucial to note that while many people have felt globalization has benefited them, there are many people around the world that have felt threatened by the spread of this concept. Globalization has benefited heinous acts like terrorism through involvement of modern technologies. My thesis statement is “Globalization has affected terrorism in the way it has made terrorism easier, more accessible, and has impacted the frequency in which attacks occur.” The iv findings provided in the literature review and data analysis support the evidence that globalization does impact terrorism through different factors that affect countries daily. In other words, is there a significant relationship between globalization factors and rates of terrorism globally?