The Formation and Capitalization of a Start-Up Venture

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Master of Science in Accounting




Abbas Nadimfard


Venture capital, New business enterprises

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AS 36 .N29 Acc. 1982 no.4


This thesis is directed towards the entrepreneur who is formulating a venture and is in search of a means of direction. A profile of entrepreneurs is illustrated along with a method of developing a business plan; a necessity in searching for capital. The performing of a market study and the preparation of financial data are presented to give the entrepreneur all the necessary data required in structuring the proposed offering. Financing methods through debt, equity and leasing are discussed in addition to their effects on the structuring of the venture. The sources of external financing, such as venture capitalists, banks, and government agencies are introduced and evaluated based on their criteria that must be met when acquiring funds. The study demonstrates that it is more feasible under certain economic conditions for a venture in the start-up stage to use venture capitalists as a source of funds as opposed to any other source of financing.