The Revenue Collection System of the Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company

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Master of Science in Accounting




Abbas Nadimfard


Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company, Bus lines--Saudi Arabia,Saudi Arabia--Social life and customs

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AS 36 .N29 Acc. 1982 no.12


The Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company was organized in 1979 for the purpose of providing reliable and inexpensive public transportation for the citizens of Saudi Arabia. Because this purpose was considered so important, the Saudi government guaranteed investors in SAPTCO a 15 percent return on their investment. This government subsidy has enabled SAPTCO to operate since 1979 in spite of large losses. The management of SAPTCO, nevertheless, is trying to reach a point in operations where the company will show a profit.

The focus of this thesis is the Revenue Collection System of SAPTCO. Many of the problems associated with the System are related to the Saudi culture. It is difficult to count female passengers or to ensure that they pay fares because of cultural mores against males and females sharing public vehicles. The expense of handling daily revenues is high because of the problem of counting paper money; Saudi people do not like to carry coins. In addition to these problems, the existing revenue collection system has made it easy for drivers or cashiers to misappropriate fares.

Recommendations for improvement of the system were listed, and three recommendations--new fare boxes, multi-use passes, and bank coordination--were selected for implementation.