Management Information Systems for Hospitals

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Hospital Information Systems


Hospitals--Administration--Data processing

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AS 36 .N29 Acc. 1981 no.3


From the introduction, pp. 10-12:

Hardware and software development has advanced to the point that hospitals can now implement cost effective systems. The use of minicomputers, CRT devices, and the availability of database software packages will allow hospitals to Install flexible and reliable computer based systems. As data processing professionals become more familiar with hospital systems, the staffing problems will be reduced. Also, software vendors are developing packages for use in hospitals that should improve hospital information systems.

The development of a MIS for a hospital must begin by answering four major questions.

1. Who are the major users of hospital related information?

2. What are the information requirements of the major users of hospital related information?

3. How can the major users be provided with accurate and meaningful hospital related information on a timely basis?

4. How can the hospital related information beused to assist the users in the decision making process?

A response to each of these questions is essential to the development of a useful MIS for a hospital organization.

Chapter 2 will address the first question by defining the users of hospital related information. The users will be in

two major groups: internal and external users. Each user will be evaluated in terms of goals and objectives, critical tasks in relation to overall hospital functions, and interrelationships with other users. Chapter 3 will assess the information needs of the major users of hospital related information. Specific needs of some of the users will be analyzed to show how different users require similar information.

Chapter 4 will review possible system solutions to the requirement for a hospital MIS. Information systems developed by software companies and shared service companies will be discussed, as well as the development of systems by hospital personnel.

Chapter 5 will discuss how the MIS should be used to manage the hospital. This discussion will include a review of how each users requirements relate to the other users and how individual systems can be coordinated into a management information system for the hospital.