Objectives of Financial Statements: Publications, Issues, and Analysis

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Master of Science in Accounting



First Advisor

Anne Rich


Financial statements--United States

Call No. at the Univ. of New Haven Library

AS 36 .N29 Acc. 1980 no.4


Since the early sixties, the accounting profession has been searching for a set of written objectives for financial statements that would fulfill the needs for most readers.

The purpose of this thesis is to research the profession's efforts and to arrive at some reasonable conclusions. In order to accomplish this task, the thesis has been divided into two sections.

The first section will discuss each of the major publications by the profession in chronological order, analyzing the objectives including comments from both the profession and/or the business community.

The second section will discuss the major issues and/or questions raised by them concluding with their feelings on the subjects.

The two major conclusions reached by this thesis (if the accounting profession is going to try and satisfy everybody) are: (1) they will need to set standards for all financial reporting, and (2) include semi-audited supplementary information in their published financial statements.