Inventory Accounting: Valuation and Costing Methods and Their Effects on Financial Reporting

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Degree Name

Master of Science in Accounting



First Advisor

Nancy Faria-Smith


Inventories--Accounting, Financial statements--United States

Call No. at the Univ. of New Haven Library

AS 36 .N29 Acc. 1992 no.6


Because of the availability of several alternative inventory accounting methods, accountants sometimes experience difficulty in selecting the method that best suits their industry and the future goals and objectives of management. Variation in inventory accounting methods have differing impacts on net income before taxes and on total current assets.

This thesis attempts to discuss the pros and cons of various inventory accounting methods, progressing in stages from the simple to the most complex. Emphasis is placed on conceptual analysis of the inventory pricing problem. Vast literature available regarding inventory costing and valuation was consulted, allowing for comparisons of various inventory costing methods.

A subject such as inventory pricing has been argued endlessly for many years, sometimes without convincing evidence on any significant issue.

Conclusions are reached in this thesis regarding some of the significant issues.